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If you're here

it's because you're done having a so-so website, or none at all. Good news, I've got just the MOXIE you need to get your internet ball rollin'! 


I get it...

you're fumbling your way through the back end of a website because your heard it was easy and you’ve been passing off your Facebook page as a web presence for far too long. But now you're here...

..and, it's probably because you've winced in shame any time someone has asked, "Do you have a website?"

and you know it's either non-existent, or it looks like something from 2001. You know exactly how you want it to look and function but dang, it's not as simple as it seems, and hiring a pro feels way out of your budget. 

I know that you—dreamer, creator of awesomeness, industrious rock star—

are envisioning more, because you understand the importance of an effective website. Luckily, you landed here, at One Pixel Moxie with me, Monica Whitt. I know how to get you from sloppy html to "now, THAT’S professional" in a snap and at a price that won't leave you feeling depleted. 

I help business owners like you create clean, modern websites that STAND OUT in a sea of internet sameness. 

I’ve spent years honing my craft (since the year 1998 to be exact)...worked with pros at places like Spawn Ideas, co-owned Thrively Digital, and mastered the art of simple, elegant, and effective web design.


When you work with me you’ll walk away with:

  • the keys to a 5 Star web presence,

  • the ability to update and actually use your website,

  • and, most importantly, a website your mama would be proud to hang on the fridge.

As a web designer, my philosophy is that websites should represent YOU and they shouldn’t break the bank.

In my world...


web designers don’t hoard their secrets. They teach their clients how to make updates and use their websites effectively. They make beautiful websites for businesses of all sizes and budgets and, they’re so passionate about their craft you’d have to be blindfolded not to see it.

So, what are you waiting for?? I know you’re ready to share your passion with the world. I’m here to show you how.


Monica's energy is just so warm. She was really on my team throughout the process. She genuinely wanted me to be successful. Her integrity is unrivaled. I gave her a tip because I was so impressed and she e-mailed me back saying that I had overpaid.

— Gina Edwards, Owner of Gallery 31 Fifty